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About Us

“Our mission is to educate federal employees on the importance of understanding their current financial situation, establishing a solid foundation, and guiding them in the coordination of their benefits and goals to achieve financial security and freedom”

For nearly 30 years the Federal Benefits Advisory Group has provided education on federal benefits to active and retired federal employees. Our network of federal benefit consultants partner with Federal Agencies and Associations to educate their employees and members on the importance of maximizing federal benefits and establishing solid financial plans. The need to build a solid financial foundation, save for retirement, plan for higher costs of living, and increasing taxes has never been more important than right now.

Our network of Federal Benefit Instructors collaborate with experienced investment advisers to bring the best information and current technology to federal employees. Our instructors educate employees on topics such as:

  • FERS/CSRS Retirement Eligibility & Annuity Calculations
  • Survivors Annuity Plan & Federal Employee Group Life Insurance
  • Thrift Savings Plan Contributions and Allocations
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Medicare Part A/B & Federal Employee Health Benefits

Topics are taught to employees via live workshops, webinars, and on demand web-based educational programs. Experienced Benefit Consultants are available to answer difficult questions and to assist in retirement planning. Our Benefit Consultants are located regionally and use current software to support planning.