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Why choose Federal Benefits Advisory Group?
See what our valued customers have to say about us!

“5+ stars-must attend-best retirement seminar I have ever attended in my 76 years. If you plan on retiring from the Federal Government you will be losing money if you don’t attend. Absolutely outstanding.” – C.E.

“I’ve been to many retirement seminars throughout my 26 year career and this one was one of the best! If you can attend one of these, DO IT — no matter if you just started federal service or are getting ready to retire!” – A.I.

“Best retirement seminar I’ve attended! I would encourage every federal worker to check them out” -V.T.

“5stars excellent information. We would recommend this seminar for anyone with any government affiliation or first starting your career with the government.” – M.J.

“Outstanding briefing with allot of information for anyone in the Federal/Civil Service. Really makes you think of what options are available for retirement. I would recommend this briefing/presentation to anyone that can attend.” – R.S.

“Very informative seminar. Every federal employee should attend.” – J.B.

“This was great material, very well presented in a concise package and timeframe. I have had several multi day retirement classes that were not anywhere close to this. A home run in my book and would recommend it highly.” – M.B.

“I attended the retirement planning session yesterday; very informative and they were responsive to participants questions. Every federal employee should attend one of these sessions!” – L.R.

“This was an excellent seminar. I learned more at this than I have at previous retirement seminars.” – S.G.

“The presenters were well informed, and easy to follow. The slide presentation and visuals were straight forward. No pressure, but friendly and genuine. Lots of questions were answered that I had. We are looking forward to additional help from these guys.” – S.S.

“I found this workshop very helpful and was able to learn valuable information that will allow me to retire earlier than I expected. Very thorough and Chad was very well informed and patiently answered all of the questions that were brought up that day.” – C.T.

“Great info, would use again. Very knowledge of federal policies, very helpful to answer questions. Guys had a great attitude and friendly disposition. Big thanks guys.” – A.P.

“This seminar was very informative. Chad, Payton and Carson are excellent presenters and extremely knowledgeable of the Federal Benefit System. These seminars should be offered by all federal agencies to new and career employees. Retirement planning needs to start early and revisited often. They had a lot of valuable tips and answered all of our questions thoroughly.” – D.F.

“We attended in July and it was great information provided as well as numerous questions patiently answered. An incredible value for your time!” – S.S.

“Attended the Seminar today with my husband. Chad and Carson were great. It was very informative and recommend it to all Federal employees. Thank you both!” – M.Y.

“This seminar was very helpful in preparation for my upcoming retirement. Chad and Payton are very knowledgeable about the federal retirement system. I would recommend one of their seminars for anyone getting close to retiring.” – S.M.

“Very knowledgeable! I really liked the way that the answers to questions were broken down into “examples” that all could understand. Chad, Payton, and Carson presented a new meaning to “layman’s” term. The only compliant that I have is wishing that the seminar had been more than 2 hours. Thx guys and continue doing what you are doing” – M.W.

Excellent class, very informative…so glad I attended…Thank you Payton!!!!!
Definitely recommend. Big 5 stars to the Federal Benefits Advisory Group! – C.G.

“I attended the Federal Retirement Training with Chad and Carson and they were so full of information, answered all the questions, recommended this training to everyone. Thank you guys!!” – I.P.

“One of the best retirement seminars I have been to. I am retired military and worked in private industry. A lot was packed in the few brief hours we were there and the information was valuable. I wish our HR would have explained so much. Chad appears to be a one stop on planning and retirement. Bravo Zulu, Chad.” – G.D.

“Attended a Federal Benefits Advisory Group workshop today and feel better prepared to take advantage of benefits and plan for retirement. I would highly recommend a workshop if you’re a new federal employee. I had many complex questions about federal benefits and the presenters answered each one with clarity.” – B.H.

“This class was extremely informative, filled with tidbits, great way to reinforce your knowledge in retirement subjects. In addition, the information is up to date with new changes on SS and TSP, etc. very informative, workshop! Highly recommend it!” – M.D.

“This presentation has been very helpful, especially for someone who has not had any direction given for planning for Federal retirement. The Nielsen’s were professional, helpful and engaging in their knowledge and presentation.” – M.P.

“Payton Nielsen was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and able to help us on an individual basis.” – A.N.

“I became a federal employee 8 yrs ago and I haven’t had the opportunity to go to a retirement seminar until today. I am so thankful I was able to attend! Payton and Carson had so much great information for FERS employees of all ages. This seminar was not just tailored to the employees who are about to retire, but for those of us who are a ways out…and are concerned that we might not be making the best decisions right now. They focused on the “big picture” (Social Security, Annuity, & TSP) and gave lots of great information. All newer federal employees should attend multiple retirement seminars now so they can be better informed to make good decisions for their future retirement!!!” – S.G.

“I had the course last week and was very pleased with the seminar. I have been a federal employee for 20 years and consider myself well read on the subject of retirement. I did however learn facts that I was not aware of and all questions that I had were answered. It is called a retirement seminar, but I think it should be called New Federal employee seminar. The sooner you take it the sooner you can make sure you are doing all that you can or have to, to insure financial security at retirement.” – E.D.